Infiniti Leasing

Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand, founded in 1989 and revitalised in the early 2000s when Nissan Motors President Carlos Ghosn developed a business strategy that would give the company its own identity, push it properly up-market and launch it into Europe. Read more

In 2009, Infiniti was introduced into the UK and since then, sales have slowly started to gather momentum, first with the 2013 launch of the brand’s BMW 3 Series-sized Q50 saloon - which can be quite affordable on Infiniti finance. More significant though for those in search of an Infinti lease, was the introduction of the smaller Q30 hatch in the Autumn of 2015. A SUV-style QX30 version of that model followed shortly after, as did a sleek Q60 coupe.

For those looking at Infiniti leasing, the Q30 is by far the company’s most significant car, its first European-made product, built at Nissan’s UK factory in Sunderland. This design’s fundamentals are shared with one of the key compact premium hatchback contenders it must beat, the Mercedes A-Class. From this starting point though, Infiniti has tried to create a more individual end result in terms of the styling, the cabin feel and the driving experience.

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