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COVID-19 measures

Keeping people safe, and your organisation mobile.

In response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) we are working to ensure that we can continue to provide services to keep you safely on the road - and support limiting spreading the virus.

As soon as there are new measures or updates regarding our services, you will find them here.

LeasePlan: Updates on our response to COVID-19

At LeasePlan, we're doing everything we can to help you.

  • We’re working from home, so our teams are available as usual. That said, you may find it takes a little longer for us to get back to you on some queries, as we can’t be as efficient when every member of a team is in a different building and many of us are juggling home-schooling.
  • Garages will remain open, so servicing, MOTs and repairs should continue, though there may be limitations on some services, such as ‘while you wait’ appointments, collection and delivery and courtesy cars.
  • Breakdown and recovery will continue
  • Mobile tyre replacements will continue, but please only book them if your tyres are damaged, punctured or nearing the legal limit of 1.6mm
  • Collection and delivery will continue and we have processes in place that take into account social distancing and safe handovers

last updated 05/01/2021

Repair, maintenance and tyre availability 

If you have a maintained contract you must use our Service Booking line – 0345 250 0000 – to book work. It’s vital that we control the service slots, so we can prioritise key workers and those most in need, while making sure your job is handled promptly.

Booking in directly with the garage will hamper our efforts to allocate the slots fairly, so we may reallocate bookings if they are not made through our Service Booking line. For your safety and the safety of others, please keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition – you can read the Government’s guidance about how to check your vehicle is safe to drive here

Some garages are restricting some services such as collection and delivery – and we are urging customers to clean their vehicles before handover.

Financial Support

If you are experiencing financial hardship, and need help, please contact us. We will look for ways to support you, and discuss your options around financial support to maintain your agreement or the early release from your contract. 

Request Financial Support

Already made a request for a Payment break? Please allow up to 21 days for a response from us, in the meantime you’ll find lots of useful information in our FAQs. We’re dealing with an unprecedented number of requests and working hard to get to your request as quickly as possible.

Latest information

If there are changes in our services, you can find the latest updates here.

  • Accident Management

    If you have Accident Management cover in your contract, our accident management partner is available as usual. Contact us on our DriverLine 0344 493 7659.

  • Glass repair

    If you have glass cover in your contract, our glass provider is available as usual. Contact us on our DriverLine 0344 493 7659

  • Service booking

    If you have maintenance in your contract please do not book any service or repair direct with a servicing garage. All bookings must be made through the DriverLine 0344 493 7659

  • Roadside assistance

    If you have roadside assistance in your contract, the AA is available as usual. Contact us on our DriverLine 0344 493 7659

  • Tyres

    Please only request a tyre service if your tyres are damaged, punctured or if the tread is nearing the legal limit. The legal limit for tyre change is 1.6mm – You can find out more about tyres hereContact the DriverLine 0344 493 7659

General Advice

We recommend that you stay informed by checking the latest information published online by the UK Government.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response.

The rules around the UK

Here's a quick reminder of rules around the UK


England is in national lockdown and people are expected to stay at home except in certain situations.

Visit the website for more information


Mainland Scotland is in lockdown with a legal requirement forbidding anyone from leaving their home except for essential purposes. Island areas currently in level 3 will remain there but will be kept under review.

Visit the website for more information


Level 4 lockdown restrictions have been in place since 20 December. These require people to stay at home and avoid all but essential travel.

Vist the website for more information

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is already in partial lockdown (since 26th December), with an official announcement on new measures expected on Tuesday 6th January.

Visit the site for more information

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