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What is Personal Contract Hire?

Personal leasing, or personal contract hire, is a fixed-term contract where you pay an agreed monthly rental for use of a brand-new vehicle for a set amount of time. Your initial deposit and monthly rental will be based on how many miles you’ll drive per year, the leasing period – usually between two and five years – and the forecast vehicle value at the end of your contract.

During your agreement, we’ll look after servicing, general maintenance, rescue and repair – and be on hand for any support you might need. Provided that the vehicle is in suitable condition and you have not travelled more than the agreed number of miles at the end of your leasing contract, you just return the car.

What's included in the maintenance?

If selected, your Personal Contract Hire fixed monthly rental will include maintenance in addition to LeasePlan Assist breakdown recovery, and Road Fund Licence, giving you peace of mind.

Business leasing
with LeasePlan

If you're looking to perfect your business's car leasing services, opting for Business Contract Hire may be the best option for you. Also, known as business leasing, this is a vehicle funding method that allows your business to access brand new cars and vans for a fixed monthly rental.

It's important to understand that when you're considering Business Contract Hire, you're buying a fixed priced service, not a car, so the quality of back up facilities is just as important as the price.

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Important notice regarding Collections and Deliveries:

Due to the current Covid-19 situation vehicle delivery time is uncertain. Please contact us if you need a car quickly, for a shorter period or if your lease contract is ending. We will identify the best option for you, depending on your circumstances.

Great customer support and contact via phone calls. Polite and friendly staff kept an eye on things and updated me when required. Many thanks to all!

Industrial equipment supplier in Basingstoke, England

Excellent communications from the our account managers throughout the process.

Manager, Leisure equipment manufacturer, Havant

Good service and was kept updated at all times.

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Superb service and excellent communication.

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What are the benefits of Flexible Business Hire by LeasePlan?

Getting started with Flexible Business Hire by LeasePlan

What are the benefits of Daily Business Rental by LeasePlan?

Getting started with Daily Business Rental by LeasePlan

How short term hire can help

Daily business rental
(Less than 84 days)
  • One way travel
    When you need to get from A to B, and it's too far for a taxi and too inconvenient for public transport, daily rental can be the solution. All you do is rent the cars for the journey and give it back when you get there.
  • Accident / breakdown replacement
    It's hard to plan for accidents and breakdowns, so you may not have cover in your fleet. With daily rental, you can get cars or vans just when you need them to keep your drivers moving.
(More than 84 days)
  • New starter
    New cars and vans aren't always available straight away. With flexible hire, you can get an instant stop-gap. Your new starters can use it for as long as they need - and give it back when their car is ready.
  • Contractor/short-term project
    When you have people who won't be with you long term, you may not want the cost or administration of buying or leasing more vehicles. With flexible hire, you can keep them mobile without long term commitment.
Daily business rental
(Less than 84 days)
  • One way and adhoc business travel
    When you have employees that need to travel off site but don't have access to a company vehicle or you need to organise a vehicle for an employee for a few days or weeks, daily rental by LeasePlan can be the convenient, cost effective and safe travel solution.
  • Accident/breakdown replacement and fleet top-up
    If you need vehicles at short notice, you need a type of vehicle that you don't have in your company fleet or you need extra vehicles during your busy weeks of the year, we can locate the right vehicles for you.
(More than 84 days)
  • Flexible hire
    If you want to be able to keep the same vehicles for several months or more but don't want to commit to a lease or purchase, LeasePlan Flexible may be the ideal solution for your business. Whether a car or a van, you choose what model will suit you best from the vehicles available and you can keep it for as long as you need.
  • New Starter or short term projects
    New cars and vans aren't always available straight away. Or you may just need vehicles for a few months. With LeasePlan flexible you won't have the cost or administration of buying or leasing more vehicles.

Why use LeasePlan?

We're the experts in leasing and mobility solutions. We've been helping organisations manage their vehicle fleets for over 50 years - saving them time, money and risk. Today, LeasePlan manage 1.9 million vehicles in over 30 countries worldwide and continue to lead the way in finding fleet management solutions for our customers. Our funding options are tailored around your needs, so however many vehicles you operate, we'll find you the right balance between cost, risk and efficiency. With LeasePlan, you're in safe hands.

Leasing vs short term hire

Short-term hire is designed to be flexible so you can use it to meet specific business needs - from plugging a gap for a few days after a breakdown to keeping contractors on the road for the several months that they are working with you. In this context, our two services can be very cost-effective for you and your business.

However, when you're planning long-term, a lease can give you even more control and better value, as you're entering an agreement for a number of years, rather than days, weeks or months. You won't have the upfront costs or overhead of owning your own fleet - just a single, pre-agreed monthly payment that covers everything you need.